Being Creative

Designing flowers for a wedding can go in so many directions. I always like it to be something that we have never done before. Brides usually come into our studio with an idea of what they want and sometimes they come with pictures, but not always. When a bride comes with no idea of what she wants, the first thing we talk about is where she is having her event. This can start the process, as every place has it’s own feel and sets the tone as to how we will decorate. This does not mean that our hands are tied, as to how we decorate. If the reception is in a barn, it does not mean that we can not use silver candelabras, it means that we use them creatively and honor the space.

As a professional I know the type of questions to ask so I can find out what she likes and doesn’t like. As the conversation goes a long I start to get a feel of what she wants and I can start to make suggestions. Some people are able to visualize the ideas that we discuss and some need to see it. We usually have flowers on hand but not always the colors or styles of what they want, but we can “play” with all of the props.

We have a table set up and can build on that with everything from, glass ware, silver, pedestals, stands, branches even barn wood boxes. The possibilities are limitless and the process is fun. At the end of this process, everyone is excited and can’t wait to see it, sometimes we set up a time to have them come back to see a sample.