Catching Up

Catching up with some thoughts from last week…

Thursday, May 13th

We were all so glad the sun finally reappeared today & warmed us up after this week’s chilly, damp weather. We were working on lots of arrangements for this weekend’s weddings & the 12th annual show at Steve Snyder’s sculpture garden in Point Pleasant. All the gorgeous roses and peonies filling our galvanized metal buckets were opening and relaxing in the sun outside our barn studio. Inside we were designing handheld bridal bouquets, so fresh & pretty in whites & pastel blues & greens. We were also assembling table centerpieces glowing with luscious, deep colors of peach, burgundy, & cobalt blue (an unusual and stunning combination). We kept venturing out into our gardens around the barn & house to clip a bit of this & a bit of that— the fresh chartreuse foliage from our mock orange shrubs, or sprigs from our deutzia bushes laden with delicate little white bell-shaped blossoms. A delivery of about a dozen magnificent, graceful white orchid plants in full bloom arrived in the afternoon; we’ll pot them & dress up their bases with moss tomorrow. On the wackier side, we’ve also started on some fun balls we’re completely covering with bright flowers & foliage to be suspended by ribbons & dangled outdoors at the sculpture garden show.

Wednesday, May 12th

Today was so cold & overcast—a good time to go shopping! We drove to a couple of wholesale flower outlets & were delighted by what we found, including stock so deeply colored in shades of lavender & purple that it looks like velvet, as well as neon yellow gerbera daisies and golden sunflowers. Plus 8 topiaries of scented geranium that were 4 feet tall & way overgrown—quick work with our clippers back home instantly transformed them into spheres of lemon-scented variegated greenery. We cut from our garden dainty white chamomile, & pink & burgundy Sweet William, all fresh in the field. It was invigorating to be out cutting the first flowers of the season! Roosters were crowing & farm dogs were barking off in the distance as we made our way down the rows. The bottoms of our jeans sure were wet & our shoes sure were muddy, but we were happy as larks. We hope the temperature will warm up tomorrow so our roses & peonies will begin to open & be ready for arranging.

Tuesday, May 11th

We were wearing turtlenecks, fleece, & wool jackets working in the barn studio today—hard to believe how cold May is right now. We had dozens of long florist’s boxes delivered, so we set to work opening them all up, unpacking all sorts of flowers for this weekend’s events, & “processing” them (meaning stripping their lower leaves, removing rose thorns, & giving their stem ends fresh cuts) before placing them into buckets of warm water. Many are tightly furled & will need to be hydrated & warmed before they relax & open. We’re reviewing our notes taken when we met earlier with clients to make sure all our details are in order as we refine our concepts for many different kinds of arrangements They range from bridal party bouquets, corsages, & boutonnieres, to accent vases for cocktail tables, to centerpieces for dinner tables, to massive urns filled with flowers to set on top of stone walls or steps for outdoor estate weddings. It’s exciting to have the barn filled to bursting with blooms of so many colors, shapes, & textures — all waiting for their opportunity to make a special event as beautiful as it can be!