Perfect Weather

It is perfect weather for cleaning out the gardens and trimming back the bushes. Here at Murphy & Klein Floral Studio, we have worked hard to increase our variety of blooming bushes and plants in our organically maintained gardens. We love seeing our perennials sprouting. All of our peony plants are sending up their little red missiles, luckily we could still rake the dead leaves away without breaking them. Last year we removed some shade trees and our lilacs have thanked us with many big buds.

We spent many hours’ dead heading all of the hydrangea bushes; some of them are looking more like trees than bushes. Our green viburnum bushes are loaded with buds, it’s fabulous how we get a bigger harvest each year. I’m trying to save the hellabores for our open studio tour, but they are in full bloom, however they do last a long time in the garden. Every year our vitex trees look like they didn’t make it through the winter, and we have almost cut them down in past years, but now we know that they are the last to show any signs of sprouting.

Last year Jerry Fritz from Linden Hill Gardens planted a garden for us with new varieties of blooming bushes. We’re excited to use the mock orange with the lime green foliage. We’re crazy about our deutzia plants and last year planted ten more with a few new varieties. We’ll soon be able to use these flowers with the May weddings coming up.